Trouble finds Kapil Sharma again; complaint filed against the comedian

A viral video has been used to build a case against Kapil Sharma….

Popular comedian Kapil Sharma has had more than enough brushes with trouble over the past two years which has hampered his off-screen reputation more than his on-screen popularity. While the master of comedy prepares for his upcoming new TV show Family Time with Kapil Sharma, trouble has come knocking on his door again. A complaint has been filed against the actor Independent Students Federation for violating traffic rules……

As per a report by a leading daily, president of the federation, Keshav Kohli, has alleged that Kapil was over speeding on a bike on his recent visit to Amritsar. Keshav has filed a complaint and has also argued that Kapil, a native of Amritsar, is a role model for many and should have adhered with the traffic rules. The entire case originates from a video that is going viral on the internet that has the comedian riding a bike while talking about his experience growing up in the city. Other than overspending, he is also accused of not wearing a helmet…..

This won’t be the first time a viral video has attracted the attention of traffic police. Actor Mukesh Rishi received a challan from Delhi police for driving a bike without a helmet while in a Raavan get up for Ram Leela. Also, let us not forget the time when cringe-pop sensation Dhinchak Pooja faced the wrath of Delhi police for not wearing a helmet in her music video Pink Scooter. What helped the police profile the case? The common denominator here is the videos of the celebs doing the act that went viral.


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