10 Bollywood Actress Invovled In MMS Scandal

Bollywood and controversies go together. Daily or other, we all see Bollywood celebrities becoming involved with controversies. Some produce controversies due to their statements while others get involved as a result of movies they operate in.

But occasionally, objectionable Movies of actors surface the world wide web and generate a great deal of hype in the business. Some actors become captured in MMS scandals although others get detained of sexual assaults.


1. Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor’s MMS scandal

The duo gave connection aims to all people and shocked everybody when they divide their manners. Well, the two of these are active in their lives right now and look very pleased. Ahead of their break-up, a movie of few leaked online were they seen smooching. Yet another video leaked on the web where Kareena has viewed striping.

2. Katrina Kaif and Isabel Kaif’s Nude MMS

Back in 2014, when Katrina was on the summit of her profession, a contentious video surfaced over net which stunned everyone in the business and her lovers too. In the movie, she had been seen striping facing a bunch of individuals. On the other hand, the actress known as the movie imitation.

3. Aryan Khan and Navya Naveli’s intimate video

A few decades back, a movie captured leaked online where lookalikes of both Aryan and Navya Naveli were spotted making out.

4. Veena Malik’s leaked intimate video

From smooching Ashmit Patel in Bigg Boss to her leaked MMS, Pakistani actress Veena Malik has many controversies on her name. Her scandalous video was highly shared on the internet where she was seen getting intimate with actor Ranjan Verma. Later the actress told that the scene was shot for the movie Zindagi 50-50.

5. Hansika Motwani’s nude video while bathing

By smooching Ashmit Patel from Bigg Boss for her leaked MMS, Pakistani celebrity Veena Malik has lots of controversies on her title. Her scandalous movie was shared online where she had been spotted getting initiate with celebrity Ranjan Verma. Afterward, the celebrity told the scene has been taken for the film Zindagi 50-50.

6. Soha Ali Khan’s leaked video

But she also has faced the humiliation of being involved in the MMS scandal. The celebrity denied being in the movie and called it fake.

7. Radhika Apte’s intimate video

In the movie, she had been spotted getting stripped at a parlor for waxing. The actress did not say anything within her MMS and it’s still unknown if it was fake or real.

Before the launch of her films, Radhika Apte’s daring romantic scenes in the film get leaked online. Ahead of the launch of Parched, her romantic video along with her co-star leaked online because of that film had been talked about. Another video of a celebrity leaked across the net where she had been revealing her private parts.

8. Preity’s Zinta’s nude video in shower

Afterward, Preity Zinta obtained a legal notice issued and explained that it wasn’t the celebrity from the movie.

9. Mallika Sherawat’s leaked MMS

Known for her daring avatar, Mallika Sherawat also made headlines for becoming involved in the MMS scandal. A number of decades back, a sexual movie got viral online where she had been spotted getting romantic with a foreign guy. But she termed the movie as fake and removed all of the atmospheres of rumor.

10. Sonakshi Sinha’s intimate video

A number of decades back, a movie captured leaked online where a lookalike of Sonakshi Sinha was spotted becoming intimate with a guy. Originally, everyone felt the video to function as Sonakshi, but she removed the air saying that this video was leaked to destroy her picture in the business.


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